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Wilson Wide Band Directional Yagi Antenna 700-2500 75 Ohm - F (304411)

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The Wilson Wedge (75 ohm for Desktop Pro and DT) Multi-Band Yagi Antenna is a 800MHz - 2500MHz antenna with 8-10 dB of gain. As a dual band antenna it's ideally suited for use with one of our dual band amplifiers like the 55dB Wilson SOHO. The higher gain of this directional antenna would greatly improve the performance of these amplifiers compared to other antennas.



• High-gain
• Directional
• Easy to install
• Weather resistant
• Wide bandwidth



Wilson Wide-Band Yagi Directional Cellular, pipe mounting hardware



Universal - Signal Enhancing Solutions


Dimensions 11.42 x 8.27 x 2.56 (Inches) Length
Weight 3.31 lbs/1.5 kg
Frequency 800MHz-2500MHz
Gain 800-915MHz: 8.0 dBi, 915-1710MHz: 7.0 dBi, 1710-1850MHz: 9.0 dBi, 1850-1990MHz: 10.5 dBi, 1990-2500MHz: 10.0 dBi
Impedance 75 ohm
Polarization Vertical
Mounts Pole (2" Max) with included pole mount hardware
Connectors F-Female
Service & Support 2 year warranty/30 day satisfaction guarantee