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Wilson Kit (Sleek) 800/1900 Single Phone w/Cradle & Antenna In-Vehicle Amplifier - SMA

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Stay connected in your vehicle with the Wilson Sleek 815226 cell phone signal booster. The Wilson Sleek might just look like a cell phone cradle but with its integrated cell signal booster it improves your cell phone's signal strength in your car. Plug and Play Booster Kit is portable, easy-to-use, and ideal for handsfree operation in conjunction with a headset or Bluetooth device. Equipped with 824-894/1850-1990 MHz 20 dB and dual-band cell amplifier charger it's compatible with all phones.


Wilson signal booster, improves weak cellular signal on cellular devices such as phones, smartphones and tablets





• Greatly reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates 
• Plug-and-Play amplifier kit 
• Oscillation (or interference) protection and automatic shutdown auto reset 
• Amplifies signal strength in weak coverage areas 
• Increase phone’s voice and data performance in weak signal areas 
• Can be used for “Hands Free” operation with a headset or Bluetooth device 
• Attractive, compact design 
• Adjustable arms to fit any phone 




An ideal kit for the customer who needs increased signal strength and phone charger all in one




Outside mini magnet mount ant./CLA pwr adapter/Cradle