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Wilson Glass Mount Antenna - dual band 800/1900 - 14 foot Cable - FME (301102)

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The Wilson Glass Mount Cellular Antenna's main benefit over our other dual band antennas is its ability to pass its signal through glass. This allows for very clean looking permanent installations in which the cable is hidden. It must be mounted on single pane glass in order to function. It does not function on dual pane glass and is not recommended for home use.



• Dual-Band & Tri-Mode: 800MHz & 1900MHz Analog and Digital
• Compatible with all Cellular, PCS and iDEN providers
• Permanent installation
• Built-in ground plane
• Over 10 times more signal than a cell phone used inside vehicle without an external antenna
• Patented



Mini Glass Mount Cellular Antenna/RG58 - 14 feet/4.27 meters, all mounting hardware, 3M adhesive for mounting to single pane glass



Universal - Signal Enhancing Solutions


Dimensions 15 (inches)/38.10 (cm) Height
Frequency 806-894 MHz/1850-1990 MHZ
Gain 5.12 dBi 806-894 MHz / 6.12 dBi 1850-1990 MHz
Impedance 50 ohms
Radiation Omni
Polarization Vertical
Ground Plane Built in ground plane
Mounts Glass Mounting with 3MÖ Adhesive
Connectors FME-Female
Service & Support 2 year warranty/30 day satisfaction guarantee