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Wilson - 842770 - Kit (Tri-Band 4G-C) 800/1900/1700-2100 MHz In-Bldg Amp 50 ohm Kit- N

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A complete bundle for the Wilson Tri-Band 70 dB 800/1900 & 1700-2100 booster. Included is the amplifier (690wi802770), a panel antenna (680wi301135), a Yagi antenna (680wi304411), a 30 foot cable (670wi952330), and a 50 foot cable (670wi952350). Uses N-type connectors, and boosts PCS, HSPA, LTE, and AWS. Hardware included.

Wilson signal booster, improves weak cellular signal on cellular devices such as phones, smartphones and tablets



• More than 20 times the power of a cell phone alone
• Works with all Canadian carriers
• Boosts signal for multiple devices simultaneously 




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