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Wilson - 841245 - Kit (AG SOHO 60) 55/60 800/1900 In-Bldg Amp 50 ohm - N

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In-Building Wireless Dual-Band SOHO Cellular/PCS Amplifier/Repeater kit designed for small office and home office use. For 800 MHz Cellular and 1900 MHz PCS Bands. Works on all generations of  CDMA, TDMA AND GSM.

Wilson signal booster, improves weak cellular signal on cellular devices such as phones, smartphones and tablets





• Works on all generations of CDMA, GSM, 3G and HSPA
• Overload indicator light
• FCC and IC type accepted
• Oscillation detection and gain reduction with auto reset intervals
• 3-watt power amplifier




A small work space solution that increases signal strength in a small space or room.




Wilson SOHO Amp (801245), Dual Band Outdoor Antenna (301202), Interior Panel Antenna (301135), 30' LMR400 cable (952330), 20' RG58 cable (951104) and N[female]-FME[male] (971108)


Dimensions 5.6x3.6x1.7(inch)/14.2x9.1x4.4(cm)
Weight 1.5 lbs/0.7kg
Frequency 824-894/1850-1990 MHz
Gain 50 dB/60 dB
Max Output Power 1.5 watts
Isolations >90 dB
Connectors FME-Male
Service & Support 2 year warranty/30 day money back customer satisfaction