Ritron Quick Talk ™ Voice Alerting Transmitters

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Get More Out of Your 2-way Radio System...

Wireless alerting empowers your staff to respond quickly to emergencies, to prevent costly damage or disruptive downtime. Connect virtually any switch or sensor (up to 4), to the QuickTalk Transmitter and record a unique voice message for each one. When the status of the switch/sensor changes, your recorded message is automatically transmitted via radio directly to your 2-way radio equipped personnel.

Key Features/Benefits of the RQT QuickTalk:

• UHF 450-470MHz, VHF 150-165MHz
• Analog, Narrow Band Only (12.5kHz) Operation
• New! 2 Watt Models Available
• New! Monitor Up To 4 Switch Inputs
• New! Multi-Channel/Frequency Capability. Each input can be programmed to transmit on a different frequency, (e.g. Input 1 transmits on the Maintenance channel; Input 2 Security; Input 3 Operations).
• New! Optional, Internal, 433MHz UHF Receiver. Receiver allows remote keyfob activation (e.g. Emergency Call Button) from up to a few hundred feet away.
• New! Easy to record voice messages.
• Designed and Assembled In The USA 2nd Generation Q