Icom F6011 - UHF Mobile

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Simple operation, versatile functions & rugged construction for your day-to-day communication needs
Icom Simple operation for instant communication
Icom Most popular signalings built-in
Icom Multiple 2-Tone, multiple 5-Tone
Icom MDC 1200 compatible
Enhanced scan features
Icom Remote channel control with optional ACC cable
Icom Built military rugged
Icom 4W (typ.) front mounted speaker
Icom Optional DTMF microphone (HM-152T)
Icom Wide/narrow channel spacing (25, 12.5kHz) programmable
Icom Microphone hanger action programmable
Icom Optional voice scrambler unit, UT-109R or UT-110R
Icom DTMF autodial and optional DTMF decoder, UT-108R
Icom Time-out-timer, lock-out penalty timer .
Power on password
Icom PC programmable